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Eight of the finest Classic loose leaf tea presented in a large airtight tea tin. The perfect gift as a taster set to a tea lover or tea beginner. The set also included a super cute Japanese Money Cat Tea Strainer.


The tea set includes Six different varieties of our specially chosen finest tea:

30g Chrysanthemum Blossom Tea (Sweet, delicate-floral taste and caffeine free)

50g Royal Biluochun Green Tea (Delicious fresh, fruity and floral aroma)

50g China Rose Souchong Tea (Elegant rose and smokey aroma with hint of longan flavour)

50g TieGuanYin Tea (Refreshing and Strong floral aroma)

30g HuangShan Maofeng Green Tea (delicious, light & Sweet green taste)

50g Royal Lapsang Souchong Black Tea (Lovely smokey aroma with hint of fruity dried longan flavour)

General Brewing Instruction: 1 tsp per cup or 1 tbsp per pot

1 x Super Cute Japanese Money Cat Tea strainer

made from:

100% Natural ingredients. Store in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight


Product Includes:

Chrysanthemum Blossom Tea (30g, approx 25-30 cups)

China Rose Souchong Tea (50g, approx 25 cups)

Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea (30g, approx 25 cups)

Royal Biluochun Green Tea (50g, approx. 20 cups)

Royal Lapsang Souchong Black Tea (50g, approx. 20 cups)

1 x Japanese Money Cat Tea Strainer

1 leaflet of Brewing Instruction

Box H8 x W30 x L40cm, approx 700g

New Deluxe Loose Leaf Tea Set (6 Large Tins)

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