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The Stunning Giant Flowering would be a great focal point for special occasion and dinner party and a exquisite experience. Assorted Giant Blossom Flowering Tea for 5, 10, 15, 20 bulbs to choose from.


Delicate and refreshing tea with a sweet, soft and silky frangrance. White needle tea hand picked and harvested only two days of the entire year and mainly sourced from the Yunnan province. Blossom Flowering Tea is made by binding tea leaves and flowers together into a bulb and then set to dry. The beautiful blossom tea are handmade by skilled master, it is a stunning sight when the blossom rehydrated with hot water.



How to brew our Giant Pink Flowering Tea:

One bulb per pot, infused in 90 C hot water for at least 3-5 minute and can be used for 2-3 times per bulb. Serve without milk.


made from: 100% Natural ingredient,


Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.


dimensions: Airtight Tea Tin: 16cm(h) x 6.5cm (d) Assorted Flowering Tea (8g, 1 pot) Option for 5, 10, 15, 20 bulbs to choose from.



Net Wt 80g-300g e (approx 5-20 pots)

Assorted Flowering Blossom Tea With Airtight Tin

  • 40g (5 Bulbs)  w Airtight Tin £9.99
    80g (10 Bulbs)  w Airtight Tin £18.98
    120g (15 Bulbs) w Airtight Tin £26.97
    160g (20 Bulbs)  w Airtight Tin £33.97


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