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Bamboo is a very versitile plant and so useful to humans’ life. Since long time ago, bamboo’s stems are mostly known for handicrafts, making a house, weapons, food source and so on. Since it is very well known as the multifunctional plant, many ancients also discovered that bamboo has the great benefits for some diseases. 


Bamboo has great useful benefits for health. According to biomedical research revealed that the bamboo can prevent the toxicity. Besides bamboo is also well known as the effective plant to protect against stress or mental problem.  Bamboo is really useful for human health, it is bamboo leaves. It contains enormous function especially related to health. It is also used as the medicinal usage.  Since ancient times, bamboo leaves has been revealed that contain significant portion of the total biomass of its plant. It is the easier to be harvested.


Bamboo leaves tea can be drunk together with lemon or other essential aroma such as mint and jasmine. As we all know that jasmine and mint will effect the peace and fresh into the brain and soul. That is why bamboo leaves is very good to balance the health of body and its mind and soul.

Bamboo Leaf

How to brew our Bamboo Leaf Tea:
1 1/2 tbsp per pot, infused in 90c boiling water for at least 3-5 minutes. Enjoy with squirk of lemon juice and ice, great for making caffeine free ice tea in the summer.

How to store our Tea:
Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Net Wt 20g e (12 pots)

Bamboo Leaf Tea (Caffeine free Tea)

  • 20g Ecopack £5.99
    40g Ecopack £10.49
    40g w Airtight Tin £13.49
    80g Ecopack £19.97.
    80g w Airtight Tin £21.97


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